How do I learn about money?

What do I know about money?

Do I need to save money?

Can I pay for college, get a job, save money, and still have fun?

The cash flow doesn’t work and I can’t save!

How can I balance fun and savings?

How do we manage cash flow?

What insurance and group benefits are needed?

Do we need wills, trusts, and powers of attorney?

Are we saving in the right places?

Should we own another home, other real estate, or maybe a business?

How do we reduces expenses and taxes?

Retirement is coming soon and we are still paying for college and kids!

How much money is needed to retire?

Should more money go into retirement plans?

Where should we save money?

Will our money last?

How does the money flow in retirement?

Can we buy another home?

What are my healthcare and tax costs in retirement?

Legal documents need reviewed!

Do we take social security now or later?

Where do we go for trips and how much does it cost?

How do we balance spending, activities and family?

Where do we live?

Family planning to heirs may be considered!

Where do we go if we have to leave our home?

Who will help us?

What are costs for alternative living?

Is there a plan for aging?

We need an estate plan!

How do we protect our estate?

How do we get our estate to our heirs?

Legacy and charitable planning can be options

What We Offer

No matter your position, we have a process to help you reach your goals.
Financial Planning

Financial Planning

A formal financial plan using your information is then organized into a model; protection, savings and growth for continued measurable results and analysis.

Business Support

Like personal planning, a business should have measured results organized into a model for constant analysis. The livelihood of a business should always weigh the same considerations as an individual. Our firm has tools and products in place to help your business and deliver measurable results!

Retirement Planning

The actions you take today or don’t take could have a significant impact on your financial future, especially as it relates to your retirement income down the road.

*Strategic Planning, Inc does not provide legal, accounting or tax services. Clients are responsible for obtaining these services from professional service providers. We will work in conjunction with CPA’s and attorneys.

Our Story

Who we are

Our job is to help customers create lifetime and legacy benefits using a financial strategy in the most economical way. We work with individuals and businesses using a financial model that may increase wealth, reduce taxes and protect against wealth eroding factors. Our firm does not tell our clients what to think, but rather how to think so they can make their own educated decisions. We work with financial planning and wealth building software models to help simplify and organize our clients’ financial world.

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